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Effective tax planning can provide significant benefits for your overall financial picture.

EzyCarLog provides a significant vehicle logbook verification method to enable you to justify and claim available vehicle expenses whilst minimising your tax payable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does EzyCarLog work?

A simple download from the APP store to your phone and a 1 minute setup later - you are set to go.

By using EzyCarLog, vehicle log book recording is as simple as selecting the reason for your trip and your starting odometer reading - and the rest is done.

What happens if I change phones or phone number?

Your EzyCarLog account is linked to your profile and not your phone.  

If you change phones or phone numbers, simply download the APP from the relevant APP store again, log in as normal - and all your records are saved and ready for you. 

Can my accountant use this information?


Customers using EzyCarLog can simply provide the printed logbook to their accountant who can then use the information in preparing tax returns.  Logbooks can be printed for no additional cost.

Can I use EzyCarLog to justify work vehicle travel expenses?

Absolutely - EzyCarLog provides a GPS tracked trip report for all included drives.  

Information typically required by businesses to justify a work vehicle expense including date and time of trip, distance travelled, starting and ending location - is all included automatically in EzyCarLog.

What if I lose my phone?

No worries.

Unlike a paper based logbook, EzyCarLog is supported by enterprise grade servers and customised back up procedures to ensure your data is safe and secure.  If you lose your phone we have you covered and your data is safe.

What if I don't have GPS access?

EzyCarLog is a GPS enabled vehicle logbook to ensure accuracy and preciseness of information. In the event you don't have GPS for a period of time, EzCarLog has a manual entry feature that allows you to enter a drive at a later time.

So even if your reception is poor or non-existant, EzyCarLog has you covered.

Can I use GoogleMaps and EzyCarLog at the same time?


We understand that many people today rely on GoogleMaps to find their way around.  The use of EzyCarLog does not impact on GoogleMaps and both can be used at the same time.

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